Rangulo Loft
Racing Pigeons

Quality Pedigreed Birds
from one loft race
winning families

Quality over Quantity

Rangulo Loft has over 50 years in the sport. Like many I got the bug when I was a youngster.
In 1973 I found a baby pigeon that had fallen out of a huge Eucalyptus tree near my house
and that was all it took. I've had birds ever since.
Like a lot of breeders that I know the return of the Birds of Prey have taken away
our ability to fly from home. Thus, we have turned to the One Loft Races which still gives us
a chance to prove our birds out against everyone's best.
I've compiled a collection of birds that are from some of the most winning one loft race
families available today such as the Wolverines, Schellens, Gebr Janssens and a few others. 


Foundation Cock

Gebr Janssen 38th 4078, 23rd 2808 and 67th 3346

Tammy D

Foundation Hen

Inbred from the "Louie Janssen Pair" from Mike Brown.

Red Power

Foundation Hen

Import Janssen Hen 100% Janssen Arendonk


Inbred Wolverine

Wolverine on both sides. Super handling cock.

Mr. Campaign

Wolverine on both sides

Wolverine and South African Million Dollar Race winners

Iron Wolf

Double inbred Wolverine

Double inbred Wolverine with other GFL greats like, Mona Lisa and Tarzan.


Inbred Gr.Dau of Wolverine Daughter of Weapon X a son of Wolverine. With a splash Thomas 6